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A yogi with camera

I started taking photos while I was working on the first Star Wars movie (Episode IV: A New Hope). My first camera was a used Nikkormat EL film camera. I shot everyone and everything (see my blog post “Star Wars: The Best Job I ever Had”. Since then I’d been taking pictures of my friends and family until upgrading my camera and discovering Trey Ratcliff on the internet. His HDR tutorial really opened up landscape photography for me. I’ll never forget making my first HDR photo of the Santa Monica Pier (see my blog post “The Santa Monica Pier“). It was the first photo I made that was more than a snapshot, and it still moves me whenever I look at it. I knew then I had found my expression. Other than my wife and daughters there is nothing I love more than going to beautiful places and pushing the button. I live and teach yoga in Santa Monica. Hence the “yogi with a camera.”

In Gratitude and Peace,


Yogi With A Camera



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Photography is many things to many people. There are a plethora of definitions and opinions both technical and romantic. For me, it’s a way of being present.

I’m a spiritual guy; my purpose is always to capture the “spirit” or “is-ness” of what I witness. And yes, I post-produce unabashedly!

                                                                                                                                                  Feel free to ask me anything

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