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A yogi with camera

I started taking photos while I was working on the first installment Star Wars movie. (Episode IV: A New Hope). I’m not even sure why. At the time a couple of my friends had cameras and I liked what they did so I had to get one. It was a used Nikkormat EL  film camera that was purported to have been previously owned by Sonny Bono. While working at Industrial Light & Magic, (the very first incarnation of it) we could attach our personal photo film to the weekly lab order and get our film batch processed. An ideal situation for a beginner. Film processing was expensive! So I shot everyone and everything. See my blog post “Star Wars: The Best Job I ever Had”. I’ve been taking photos ever since mostly of my friends and family until I found Trey Ratcliff on the internet. His HDR tutorial really opened up landscape photography for me. I’ll never forget taking my first HDR photo of the Santa Monica Pier (see my blog post “The Santa Monica Pier“) was the first photo I ever took where I had to take a step back. It was so amazing in that it seemed more like I had witnessed something rather than created something. I couldn’t really take credit for it, not in the traditional sense. I framed it, I focussed, I made all the adjustments and I pressed the shutter button but “it” occurred and I merely recorded it! I LOVED it, and I knew I had found the creative voice I was searching for! Shortly after that I applied to and was accepted into The Arcanum: The Magical Academy for Artistic Mastery. The result is what you see in these pages and my portfolio. I love pushing the button and as it turns out, I love sharing about the experience. For the past 20 years, I have practiced and taught vinyasa flow yoga in and around the Los Angeles area. I like to thin of myself as a “yogi with a camera”. If you have any questions or comments about anything you see or read here, please reach out.

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Yogi With A Camera

A Yogi With A Camera



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Photography is many things to many people. There are a plethora of definitions and opinions both technical and romantic. For me; it’s my way of being present at a location, and recording what I’m in the presence of. I just wanna BE there: and record it with my little box. Since I’m a spiritual guy, my purpose is to capture the “spirit” or “is-ness” of what I witness. And yes, I post-produce unabashedly!

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