To prepare for the New Year, I like to complete the last one. This last year was awesome! I had my first exhibition. At which The Hollywood Sign,

Hollywood Sign

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The Almond Grove:

Almond Grove

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and Keys Ranch


Keyes Ranch at night

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Have been purchased. My first show and my first sales. YEAH!


I went to New York City twice and the first time found this at Fire Island:

Fire Island

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And the second time found this in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn Bridge

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I got to meet and shoot with one of my photographic heroes Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff, Caleb Asch

Not for sale.

For those of you who don’t know of him, Trey Ratcliff  is a mostly landscape photographer with 8,623,644 followers and 119,628,318,172 views of his photos. That’s over 119 billion! It was such a pleasant surprise to find I had so much in common with him. I must also mention Trey’s best buds Stu Robertson and Rene Smith. Both  are very successful in businesses that make a qualitative difference for human beings. Both are really open-hearted, awesome and wonderful people. You guys are welcome at my table any time.

My life is a blessing. Every challenge a learning. I am so grateful for my wife Corinne, our daughters Sacha and Danielle, our dog Melvin, my yoga teachers and students past and present, and my membership in The Arcanum: The Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery, without which I would not have my cohort; a like-minded group of creatives and my inspiring second family.

I only skimmed the surface but it’s been a really good year, and I intend for the New Year to be equally if not even more awesome. In closing I’d like to invite you to look over the past year and actually count your blessings! Then forgive yourself for any and all disappointments. Let go of the commitments you made that are unnecessary and re-commit to what needs to get done. Then forgive someone else. And again! Keep going. They don’t need to be alive or physically around either, you’re doing this for you not them!  Rinse and repeat as many times as necessary!

Then find someone you love and tell them. The another, and another, and again and again.

Thank you for being in my life,

Peace in 10,000 hands,