I live in Los Angeles so I have a plethora of images thatI love and feel like sharing. Like any big city, Los Angeles is a multiple personality. I hope to show some of these here. There are two Zoos in Los Angeles. The first zoo, called the Griffith Park Zoo, opened in 1912 and was located about two miles (3.2 km) south of the current zoo site until it was closed in August 1966. Remnants of the original zoo remain. The site of the current zoo was formerly the location of Rodger Young Village, which was itself built on the land which had been used for the Griffith Park Aerodrome. The current zoo opened in 1966. My photos are from the remnants of the first zoo. This is the inside of a cage that the average zoo patron doesn’t see.

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You can see how the local “artists” have left their mark.


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Unfortunately, there aren’t any signs left to inform as to what animals these cages held, but sometimes for art sake, I think it’s better left to the imagination. Did I mention that I love a little grunge and the “art of decay”?

Where ever you go in Los Angeles there is always something or someone to see.

Did you know that there is a Lake Hollywood? It’s actually called the Lake Hollywood Reservoir and it’s located in the Hollywood Hills, situated in the Santa Monica Mountains north of the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. I spent the latter part of my teens in this neighborhood.

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Just to the left of where I took this photo (east) is again the iconic Hollywood Sign. In my previous post I showed one view, here is a different view:


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You can see the lake just over the “W” and “O”.  And one more from another point of view;


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I love LA!


See you soon,