A brief moment of appreciation, a window, a glimpse of renewal. On my way up to the Sequoias I had to stop. I was struck by it’s simple, timeless beauty. This moment in the grove is apparently very brief. I’m grateful to have been there at that moment. The older I get, the more I recognize how brief and rare moments like these are. My children, my marriage, my childhood,

later, my parents, my children’s graduations, my first HDR photograph, and other special moments in my life.


Almond Grove in bloom - An Apprecition

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How often do we find ourselves just walking through life not really taking any time to appreciate the finer moments that present themselves to us constantly, Living in our busy lives bustling form one place to another and we don’t notice? I’m not saying that your living isn’t important. I am saying that your life and the individual moments are just as, if not more important.

How often do you stop to really appreciate a beautiful sunset?

El Matador Beach at Sunset - an Appreciation

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Do you ever get quiet enough to listen to your own breathing? Or if you’re in a relationship, do you ever put your phone away to share a moment with them?

These are the moments of our lives and they are finite! One day they will run out. That is a fact, and you can either look at that fact and react to it with fear and/or panic or you can use that to slow down once in a while and tell someone you care about that you love them.

Still Life of a White Rose - An Appreciation

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I am blessed with a partner whom I’ve shared my life with, my love with, my hopes and dreams and secrets with, (not to mention two beautiful daughters) and the more I live and share the more I find that this is one of my main sources of sustenance and replenishment. No matter what my accomplishments before there was an “US” there is a wholeness and completion that is beyond mere satisfaction in the “WE” that I’ve become.

I am grateful beyond words for my family, my girls. They are the source of my happiness and the wellspring of love that keeps me going.

This is an old picture of my girls. My daughters are grown up now, but this is one of my favorites, and as flawed as the photo may be, my heart sings when I see it.



3 Hairdressers

Find a moment in your day, every day, to sit down with your self or with a beloved friend, turn off the phone, and just be. 15 minutes of quiet. Perhaps take that time to recount your blessings. Appreciate the people in your life who are meaningful to you. Who make or have made a difference to you. Past or present doesn’t matter. Or maybe take a moment to forgive yourself. Let yourself off the hook for something you did or didn’t do. Make it a daily practice. Give yourself that gift.

If I’ve learned anything from the recent tragedies in the news it’s that nothing in this world is permanent. Nothing. It can all be gone in an instant! So tell a loved one that you love them. Do it now! Don’t wait! Then do it again. And again. And then one more time.